The 11 Commandments of Nanny 911

The 11 Commandments of Nanny 911

A little preview of a really great book you should check out.

Actions Have Consequences
Good behavior is rewarded. Bad behavior comes with penalties.
Say What You Mean And Mean It
Think before you speak – or you’ll pay the price
Parents Work Together As A Team
If you can’t be on the same page, your children are not going to know who to listen to – and they’ll end up not listening to anyone.
Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep
If you tell the kids you’re going to Disney land, better get ready to pack your bag.
Listen To Your Children
Acknowledge their feelings. Say “I understand” and “I am listening” – then take the time to understand and take the time to listen.
Establish A Routine
Routines make children feel safe and give structure to their time.
Respect Is A Two Way Street
If you don’t respect your children, they are not going to respect you.
Positive Reinforcement Works Much Better Than Negative Reinforcement
Praise, pleasure, and pride accomplish far more than nagging, negatives, and nay-saying.
Manners Are Universal
Good behavior goes everywhere
Define Your Roles As Parents
It is your job to keep your children close to you. It’s your job to prepare them for the outside world – and let them be who they are.

(Source: Caroll, Reid, Moline, 2005)








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