Children and Guns: How young is too young?

My Husband and I are fighting about getting our 5-year-old his first gun. Even if he wouldn’t use it I think it’s too young and we should wait.

southern wife

Southern wife,
You both should discuss your concerns and come to an agreement together, but I feel that all children should have a healthy respect for guns. If they’ve never seen a gun except a toy gun, then it’s likely they won’t respect them.
I wouldn’t own a gun at all unless you intend on taking him out shooting. But I’ve also heard of children going out as young as 3. The trick is to always be with  a responsible adult and make sure you teach your child the facts about guns.
The biggest advantage to learning gun safety is that the more they know about how they work, what the bullet is capable of, and basic safety… it takes away the sense of mystery about the gun, makes it less of a forbidden fruit and much less a temptation to see it as a toy. It’s also a great skill for teaching things like hand-eye coordination, discipline, patience, and self-control.






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3 responses to “Children and Guns: How young is too young?

  1. Desmond

    NO CHILD should ever have their own gun,period. Kids play with toys. Guns are NOT toys. Guns belong in the possession of responsible adults.Gun safety should be taught from day 1,especially if parents are gun owners(ie.police officers,hunters,gun enthusiasts).Instead of giving a child there own gun,buy a gun with your child that you plan on “passing down: to them. Teach your child about the gun,gun safety,the pros and cons of guns. Together learn how to take care of the gun and how to shoot it. Be sure to explain to your child that even though they take care of it and shoot it is YOURS,and only after they become adults will they truly own it and use it alone. Giving a child a gun is the equivalent to writing a death sentence to your child or someone elses kid.

  2. christina

    i agree we have bee bee guns and allow them to shoot the guns but we explain also what guns can and will do. We set the rules of gun usage and they aren’t allowed to even touch them without an adult. Best thing about toy guns they come in many forms like a nerf ball gun, until my 6 year old can properly learn how to use that, he wont get to use an bee bee gun let alone anything else.


    ok so guns i dont really like them im not a big fan but i am not afraid to pick one up and use it if the need calls for it my son is 3 years old and he knows what they are what they do and how to use them but he also knows that hes not allowed to touch them and if he sees them stay away from them and my fiance wants to get one for him but i told him that he will not get on till hes older i dont know when ill be comfortable with him having one but when i feel that he understands what they can be used for and how not to use them then maybe ill think about it i live in the south with people buying guns for their 2 year olds and what not but i think thats too soon whats the point theycant be near them when its fire it will hurt their ears an what if something stupid happens what if the thing gets turned around how are you going to feel about that huh think before you buy something for your kids and think about how mature they are and how mature you are for doing something for a child that is to young for that kind of thing

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