Preparing for labor: What to pack

I have a couple friends that are almost due and I wanted to look up some things they might want to pack for that special day!

Make sure your devices are charged so you don’t miss a moment.

Your pillow
“I packed my own pillow. The ones in the hospital were like cardboard, and the pillowcases felt like sandpaper. When I had the chance to doze, it was easier to relax on my own pillow.”
-Wendy Helfenbaum
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Important Documents
Throw your birth plan (if you have one), identification, and any health insurance information into a folder and into your bag. Forgetting one of these items could cause unnecessary stress when you first arrive at the hospital.

“An easy item that did not take up a lot of space in my bag — but that made me feel good — was a simple pair of earrings, especially because we were taking all those closeup pictures.”
-Kimberly Calcasola
Enfield, Connecticut

Clock Cover
“Bring paper and tape to cover the clock in your room so you don’t obsess over how long you’ve been in labor.”
-Michelle Rafter
Portland, Oregon

Personal Phone List
With all the excitement, it can be easy to forget to inform someone really important about your big news — so in the weeks before your due date, draw up a list of people your husband should call once the baby is born.

Music & Movies & Books
“We took an iPod with portable speakers to the hospital. We had no idea how long labor and delivery would actually take for us, soI had a playlist ahead of time with hundreds of songs on it. We also brought along a portable DVD player, as well as cables to connect it to the TV in the room. Before my labor really ramped up, we actually watched all of Gone With the Wind!”
-Debbie Altobello
Brooklyn, New York

Snacks & Candy
Lollipops are especially great for conquering dry mouth during labor.

Heat Pack
Hot packs can bring a mom instant relief during active labor because they mold to her body.

Sleepwear, Robe & Underwear
A nightie from home will be much more comfortable than a hospital gown. Just don’t bring one you’re attached to since it may become soiled when you give birth. Also, be sure to pack a robe, several changes of undies, and a nursing bra.

White-Noise Machine
“We brought a white-noise machine and put it near the baby while she was in her bassinet. It helped drown out all the jarring sounds of the hospital.”
-Amy Robertson
Atlanta, Georgia

Slippers or Heavy Socks
Keep your toes toasty and clean, whether you are in bed or strolling around on the cold tile floor. Just be prepared to toss your socks afterwards — believe it or not, they’re likely to get stained.

Hair Clip
The last thing you will want to deal with during labor is your hair sticking to your face or getting in your eyes, so bring something to hold it back.

Family Photos
can help you stay focused during labor

Cash & Change
Even if you bring snacks, you never know when a vending machine craving could strike. Loading up on small bills and change will also make tipping easy if you order in food.

Manicure Tools
“Sharp fingernails might be the last thing you would expect to see on your newborn, but my first son’s nails were really long from the very beginning! The nurses were reluctant to cut them, but fortunately my mother brought me a pair of rounded fingernail scissors. It wasn’t as scary for me to use as the clippers were. When I was packing for the hospital for my second son, those scissors were the first thing I put in my bag.”
-Kate Lapin
Simi Valley, California

Even on your delivery day, staying clean will help you feel better. Body wash, shampoo, and face wash are necessities. Also don’t forget sanitary pads for after the birth.

Going-Home Outfit
A clean, loose-fitting outfit will best suit your still-round belly and make your trip home as comfortable as possible.

Extra Luggage
“I didn’t take an empty bag or suitcase, but I wish I had! With all the goodies from the hospital — diapers, blankets, and creams — we had a lot more coming out than we did going in!”
-Bethany Britton
Charleston, South Carolina

Write down any thoughts you have while you’re at the hospital that you want to keep, or add to a scrapbook.

Also, Other moms have mentioned:

anonymous wrote:
I like the dim lights a lot. We had all lights out and blinds closed for my 2nd child’s birth, and I noticed that he was able to open his eyes and look around much more than with my previous birth

(Hope this makes it a little easier Beth!)





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  1. Miranda

    My mom got me a whole set of pajamas a size bigger than i was prior to pregnancy both times i had my babies. It was the best gift anyone brought me in the hospital because I didnt have to wear the stupid things the hospital gives you with my behind hanging out, they were baggy enough that i could nurse and cover easily, they werent my favorite pjs at home so i didnt have to worry about bleeding on them and i had something to wear around the house for the next six weeks. Definately my saving grace in the hospital

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