Screaming 3yearold searched at airport



Has anyone heard anything about the 3-year-old that was flagged and searched at an airport? Her dad, who happened to be a television reporter, captured the 17 second video and shared the story about his terrified daughter.

On November 15th, In Chattanooga, Tenn., 3-year-old Mandy started crying after her Teddy was taken away from her for screening. At that point it was difficult to get her to go through the metal detectors. Then the alarm went off twice, which meant she “must be hand-searched.”

When the TSA proceeded to pat her down, she started screaming, “quit touching me!” Frantically squirming in her mother’s arms to get away.

It’s sad to say, but I bet parents have used children’s toys to smuggle weapons and drugs, and I can understand their need to protect everyone from possible terrorist attacks or drugs, but did they need to approach her so aggressively? Could this situation have been avoided? Should we look at a child with ‘difference’?

First they tried a metal detector, then patted her down. Which probably really freaked her out, especially seeing that the person did not communicate at all before placing weird objects around her and grabbing at her.

Did you know, when the alarm goes off twice, everyone no matter how old must be hand searched?

So, not only did the TSA possibly traumatize this little girl from future airport visits, they have also created a problem that keeps the flow of traffic going. Everything is held up while they try to follow procedure with a problem they could have avoided.

So why not make it easier on you and everyone else by following these tips.

Make your child aware that their belongings are “going for a fun ride” (make something fun up) so that it’s easier for them to cope with the brief absence of their treasured possessions.

Also, making your child aware before you actually do it is a big plus too. How would you feel if you were in your own little world and all of a sudden toys were taken away and you’re about to walk through these huge machines or some dude is poking and prodding at you? I’d be freaking out too.

But here’s something you can do that many people don’t know about.

Next time you fly, ask the ticket desk if your child under 12 was randomly selected to be screened. if a code is on your child’s boarding pass, ask to be deselected, which could result in an easier time at the airport.

See the video!


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  1. I think that they were in the right, its sad to admit it but Ive been through this. I had forgotten my id when I flow out to A.Z for the second time. My son was two, because he was in my arms when I tried to get through, they had to pat him as well as me down. He wasn’t happy about it at all… But they have a job to do, & thats to make sure everyone else is safe. Is the poor girl freaked out, yea. Could it have been handled better yes, by everyone. Not just the guards at the airport, but by the parents too. They could have explain what was going to happen before they even got up there… Did they, eh who knows.

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