Operation Christmas Child

I had never heard about Operation Christmas Child until this year while I was reading a blog post about someone else doing it. Their blog was so heartfelt I actually cried. She was right though, about everyone has an empty shoebox lying around, and as I read that, I looked to my left at two shoeboxes sitting on top of my bookcase. What do you know, I have two. One for a boy, one for a girl. Then I proceeded to read that ages 10-13 are really hard to buy for so I decided I would pick those ages.

Now, I’m not rich, I’m not even really in a good financial situation to even get my own family gifts this year, but I don’t know, filling these shoeboxes just felt like something I had to do. So for the following two weeks, I went to a few different stores and bought some cool inexpensive things. I wanted to share what I got.

I got them both coloring books with markers. When I was shopping I tried not to get them things that belong in sets, like a dvd, because I don’t know if they own dvd players, or coloring books without something to color with.

The markers look like a rainbow so I got her rainbow-colored hairties and a rainbow yo-yo. I am friends with a family who continuously donates, so they gave me the stickers, pencils, erasers, note pads, bookmarks, and bouncy balls!

So with the princess stickers I had to get some princess books and a make your own princess crown craft. An Aladdin & Nemo puzzle, (the box did not fit in the shoebox so I took it out) A Jesus loves you puzzle and toothbrushes and toothpaste. A race car pinball game, 2 monster trucks, Cars themed bubbles, and Marvel Heroes stickers and pencil-case. The cockroach is for practical jokes (i think you can make it move) and the pirate ship is from Home Depot. And the Once Upon A Time playing cards is a card game that is for children that helps imagination by giving ideas to create stories every time you play.

After it’s all done I must say it was really fun and you really do get a rewarding feeling. I’m not very religious but I realize that doesn’t matter. And the church I dropped it off at was very helpful and understanding and excited, which made me feel good too. I couldn’t afford $7 a box and they didn’t hassle me for it at all. I felt so good and proud that on my way out the door I saw someone across the parking lot struggling with their boxes so I even lent a hand there! It was pretty funny cause she thought I worked for the church. lol. I decided to take a new approach this year and I’m pretty happy about it, even when I’m donating food cans to the food drive outside of the stores.

So I think I might have started a new tradition! It doesn’t hurt to give a little. I’ve got the Christmas spirit!


I’m thankful to Amanda, the one who wrote that blog post that inspired me at Impress Your Kids!




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