Using kids to steal?


The new low.

August 5, 2010 In Florida, a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old wanted to steal some items from a WalMart, so they apparently borrowed a 2- and 3-year-old from their mother. The girls loaded up a stroller with stolen goods and made the 3-year-old boy sit on top of it to hide the loot as they were walking out of the store. They filled up a backpack with stolen items and made the 2-year-old wear it out of the store. Of course WalMart has a security system and they were approached when trying to leave the store with $450 worth of stolen things. The girls were sisters, but the relation of the two toddlers is not known.  (abc30HD)

Watch the surveillance video!
Since all of them were under 18, they probably won’t go to jail, but the sisters were charged with shoplifting and cruelty towards a child.

What do you think the girl’s punishment should be?

MUSKEGON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (CBS/AP) It was apparently “bring your daughter to work” day for a Michigan woman who allegedly took her 2-year-old girl along with her to her job. Unfortunately, police say, the job was burglarizing a western Michigan home.

Police in Muskegon Township said they arrested the woman and the woman’s mother after Saturday’s burglary. That’s right, grandma allegedly came along for the fun. Twenty-six-year-old Nicole Bugajski and 51-year-old Kimberly Mahnke were arraigned Monday on home invasion charges. Police told The Muskegon Chronicle an elderly man who lived at the house unsuccessfully tried to block the women’s vehicle with his pickup truck. Police stopped the women’s vehicle nearby and found Bugajski’s daughter inside. She’s now in protective custody. (Source: CBS News Crime Sider)

I couldn’t believe this when I read about it on 9News. Are you kidding me? Then again, I can believe it. This is what the world is coming to. These parents don’t have a clue what they are doing to their children psychologically and I think that the older the children are and the longer they live learning how to break the law, makes it harder to save them and break that habit!

VAIL, Colorado – A jewelry store owner thinks he was robbed by a family posing as shoppers and looking like tourists. The family of four people entered Lionshead Jewelers on Nov. 30 and stole $30,000 worth of jewelry. The two younger members distracted the store employee while the older pair stole the jewelery. They got away, but the employee did get surveillance video on YouTube, hoping someone will recognize the people involved.
Help us catch a Thief!
Help us catch a Thief!2

So with that family, they’ve taught their kids a life of crime and when they inevitable get caught, they will go to jail. Apparently using kids to do the dirty work is the new low.

So my question is.  Do you think that with all the pressure of gift giving around the Holidays, that theft and stealing happen more often around then? Or do you think that the Economy is still to blame for this behavior?  Or maybe it’s just “this generation”? Thoughts?

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