4th grade boy saves classmates life #parenting

A 4th grade boy is being called a hero today after saving a girl’s life while she was choking on a cheeto. 
Tyler Hudson Picture by KHOU

Tyler Hudson reacted on instinct when he realized a classmate was choking and quickly put his arms around the girl below her arms, and after three squeezes of her abdomen, the cheeto was dilodged and the girl swallowed it. 
While the other students thought the girl was laughing, Hudson saw she was turning red, and was grabbing at her throat. 
Hudson called the life saving move “the hammer”, a move he learned while playfully wrestling with his father, a Houston Firefighter. We all know that move as the Heimlich maneuver. 
While the girl did not wish to be interviewed, she is fine and thanked the boy in private and had a thank you note read over the school’s intercom. 
“Thank you for saving my life. You’re a true friend”

 {Source: KHOU }


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