Do you think what you send your child to school in reflects you as parents? #parenting

Do you think what you send your child to school in reflects you as parents? Everyone knows what it’s like to get teased in school, whether it be for wearing glasses, being overweight, it could be anything. I was teased for my clothes, and how they didn’t match.


After I graduated High School I tried to pursue the child care field by getting a job at a daycare. My goal was to be a daycare owner, but I quickly grew unhappy with the setting, the other staff and how unprofessional they all were. I didn’t like the things they said about the children and parents, and I didn’t like the way they handled problems, among a bunch of other things, but I saw a Facebook post about it not being a big deal sending your child to school with mismatched clothing and I’m not sure If I feel that way. Sending your child to daycare/school with mismatched socks or different color clothes can be cute and fun! Unfortunately I can’t tell you that I’ve never overheard the staff mention that the family must be either poor or not color coordinated sending their child with mismatched clothes.

As much as I feel it is wrong to hear such an unproffessional statement, the judgmental people are everywhere! Even in the ‘My Son is gay?‘ article, she expressed that her 5-year-old was right to be worried what others’ think.
And the sad thing is, like with her story, for our toddlers to around age 7, it’s the adults who bring attention to it. But it only gets worse. All of those parents negativity rubs off in their children, and their children start learning to be hateful and mean. By the time they reach High School, they are a full-blown bully! Making it impossible for other children to enjoy the High School experience.

 I feel bad for the parents that try to shelter their kids from this world of hate, only to have their child come home in tears. What happened to teaching your child to “treat others the way you want to be treated” and other important values lost along the way? Thoughts?


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