Potty Training Regression #parenting

Starz, I’m having an issue with the boy right now and the whole potty thing. He’s three and potty trained but recently, he will tell me he’s got to go, and then stands there and pees in his pants before I can get him to the bathroom. I’ve tried increasing bathroom times, but he wont go or doesn’t have to but I’m going to keep up with that and see if i can break it. -Amanda


Potty training regression is very common to begin with. Stress is the most common reason for regression. A new teacher at their daycare/preschool, new baby or pet, or any other changes at home can be common causes of regression. Avoid going back into diapers. Make sure he isn’t holding it until the last-minute. Most children don’t really pay attention until it’s too late when they’re playing. Having a schedule or reminding him to go every 2 to 3 hours can help. Toddlers should have a schedule and it might help to have him sit on the potty when he first wakes up and right after meals for about 5 minutes. That’s the most common times children have bowel movements. Even if he doesn’t go it’s ok to praise him that he tried. A reward chart can help by marking stickers on the days he doesn’t have an accident. There are also many books you can read with them about potty training. Make sure not to make your child feel ashamed and don’t over react. Regression is common for toddlers and cleaning up the mess, and reminding your child that they need to go on the potty should be fine. -Starz


If you think you might need a medical opinion, try talking to your Pediatrician, a Developmental Pediatrician, an Occupational Therapist (especially if your child has some motor delays causing the potty training difficulty) or a Child Psychologist (especially if your child is simply resistant to potty training)


  Everyone has their own way of explaining things, so as always your feedback is welcome!


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