Raising a smarter, healthier child #parenting

New studies suggest that cow’s milk formula fattens babies, sending them down a road of obesity, while breast milk seems to boost the brains of male babies. 

New research shows that what babies drink may make them grow up healthier and smarter. Male babies fed breast milk for at least six months performed better academically when they reached middle school than kids breast fed for less time. One mom suggests the reason for that would be a bond formed between mother and baby. Researchers in Australia studied more than 1,000 children. The reading scores for females improved but not enough to be significant. “We’ve always known that breast milk is the best thing to feed babies. There have been studies out for a while showing higher IQ in babies who are breast-fed,” said Dr. Amie Prough, pediatrician with Integris Family Care Edmond Renaissance. Babies breast fed longer were also less likely to have mental health issues as teenagers, according to a previous studies. Babies on cow milk-based formula gain weight much faster than babies on a protein hydrolysate formula, other researchers found. But the protein formula is only used by a small amount of parents because of the cost.

Not only does data show it but it’s common sense to know that an overweight baby is likely to grow into an overweight adult. Most parents are suprised when doctors tell them their children are overweight because “As a society we are larger than we used to be. So they’re comparing their children with classmates.” said Dr. Brooke Nida, a pediatrician with Renaissance. It was also mentioned that breast fed babies get a change of flavor depending on the diet of mommy, but with formula, there is one flavor everyday.

 {Source: NewsOK }

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