Top Ten Fun Things to do in the Winter! #toptentues

Sometimes it’s hard to think of fun things to do outside when it’s cold and the ground is covered in snow, and I happened to come across some good ideas in a parenting magazine, as well as come up with a few of my own!

Beach toys can be used for the snow!
1. Use small buckets, shovels, & other sand toys, to make a snow castle. 

2. Use inner tubes and blow up mats to slide on.
UPDATED: WARNING: Sledding related injuries send about 20,000 kids to the ER each year. Snow tubes are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries, since they can spin, obscuring the rider’s vision. So stick to the good ol’ front facing sled and maybe even consider a ski helmet. 

3. Make an igloo. This takes a lot of time, but it can be really fun and I’ve always thought it was cool. Did you know that you can make your igloo last a little longer by spraying it with cold water?

4. Hit the target! Either make your own bulls eye, line up cans, or  just throw snowballs at a tree. Practice your aim. 

5. Build a snowman. Did you know that snowmen with clothes on last longer than ones without?

6. Have a snowball fight. Divide into teams and take cover! Did you know you can buy snow makers?

7. Make Snow Angels. Remember how fun it was to plop down in the snow, spread your arms and legs, and then try to get up without wrecking it?

8. Create a maze by stamping out a few paths for the kids to follow. 

9. Freeze Tag. how appropriate. Once someone is tagged by someone who’s “it”, they must remain frozen until another player tags them free. 

10. Make faces using handfuls of snow to come up with silly characters on the tree trunks. 

Don’t forget to end your day with a nice cup of hot chocolate, have fun!

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