Top Ten thoughtful Valentine’s Day Ideas #toptentues

Are you tight on a budget this year? Trying to find some nice ways to show your partner you care, without buying cheesy gifts? If you’re all about saving money like I am, but want to do something nice for your special someone, then check out my Top Ten list of Thoughtful,  but cheap, Valentine’s Day gifts.

Breakfast in Bed or a surprise meal. Either way, the mom’s I talked to just want a free pass on cooking and dishes!
“For once, I want to be the first one relaxing”

Printable Coupons can certainly spice things up!

Click here for printables!

Watching a romantic movie can be a great way to spend some time together and cuddle up

make a romantic scrapbook to show your loved one just how special they are to you.

A moonlit walk on the beach (if it’s not too cold)

Create a romantic bedroom by decorating with candles, soft lighting, and romantic prints

Write a poem from the heart, she’ll be sure to love it

Make an appointment to get a professional picture done together

Make a list of the Top Ten reasons why you love them and share it!

When all else fails, Give a small gift, to show you are thinking of them.

Here are what some mommy readers have said:

A night of no housework, a day to sleep in, the hubby can get the kid off to school. Dinner cooked for me, and a bubble bath with candles lit. Any of that would be nice” -Catie

A basket filled with goodies, like candies, flowers, a card, and maybe a stuffed animal” – Candace

One red rose and a kiss!” – Corey

One red rose and dinner!” – Ashley

A dozen roses and a card. He once bought me a stuffed bear that was 3ft tall, I was so surprised!” – Christina

Thanks girls for all your ideas!!

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  1. Such a sweet list. I can defin plan for a few of them with DH. So great you even shared the link for the printables too! Fun!

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