Top Ten Ways to Entertain Your Baby #toptentues #moms #dads

Ways to Entertain your Baby while laying on the couch

You come home from work, exhausted but are really looking forward to playing with your baby. Here are 10 ways you can entertain your baby while relaxing on the couch!

1. Hands on songs such as Pat a Cake and If You’re Happy and You Know It make for a fun time!

2. Play Peek A Boo

3. Watch your baby can read with your  baby!

4. Babies love to look at themselves in the mirror!

5. Any noisemakers, rattles, change, anything that makes noise will keep your baby occupied for a while.

6. Blow Bubbles!


7. Read some board books!

8. Relax you and your baby with a baby massage.
9. Wiggly Giggly is a ball that moves and makes silly noises.

10. I couldn’t come up with a ten, CAN YOU?

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