Sadly, I almost didn’t have my amazing child #parenting #moms #dads

Written by Cat

My pregnancy was hard. I don’t even think that begins to cover it. I had found out I was pregnant by mistake, I wasn’t even due to start when I found out. I was shocked & amazed & already in love. I knew right away I was going to have a boy. It was a deep gut feeling I had. I refused to even look at anything girlie. I had my heart set on a boy from November 4th 2004. The day I found out I was pregnant.

Sadly, I almost didn’t have my amazing child. By November 27th of that year I was being taken to the E.R because of pains & bleeding. I had just been through an very stressful phone call to my family & within 20 minutes of hanging up the phone,  I was bleeding.  Thankfully I was told that as long as I kept things easy & stress free my little one would make it. But as anyone who knows me knows, I’m highly stressed. By December I was yet again bleeding and cramping. By January of that year I found out I was in deed having a boy if I could make it through the rest of the pregnancy without anyone more stress. Not even into the second trimester & I was placed on bed rest. I was allowed to be up for 15 minutes every hour & that was it. Couldn’t lift anything over three pounds, not allowed to be left home alone… 

Pregnant with Stinkybutt

By Mothers day I was already going into early labor. Almost monthly / weekly I was having to be rushed to the E.R to have them stop it. I lived in fear of losing the one child I had carried so far. Thankfully by July, my son made up his mind finally that he liked his home in his mommy. Too bad July was when he was due. July 12th 2005, I was brought to the E.R one last time. Or so we would think. I was in full force labor but he still didn’t want to come. So I went home. By the next morning, I was ready to go again. After hours of the pain, of the drugs, of begging anyone who would listen for a C-section, On July 14th around 1:30 p.m ( I’m only guessing because by this time, I was pretty out of it.) They carried me off to have my son. by 2:20 that afternoon, (would have been sooner, if the doctors had known I am allergic to Latex & didn’t have to re-prep) my beautiful healthy amazing Stinkybutt came into this world. 

Welcome to the world, Stinkybutt!

Later we learned that I shouldn’t have ever been able to carry him, or any other child to full term. Because of scar tissue issues from my past. I can’t say I enjoyed being pregnant. I honestly hated every single moment of it. Not knowing if my child was going to make it into this world, or we’re we both going to meet our maker? Would I do it again, Of course. In a heartbeat. Can I? Honestly no.  But honestly, my favorite thing about being pregnant? Feeling his little feet kick me all hours of the night. Hearing his heart beat on the ultra sounds…. Knowing that this perfect little being was coming from me…….

It was an amazing, tough, painful, tearful time. With very little morning sickness, a lot of dizziness, the weirdest crazing for beer. ( I’m not a beer drinker, never have been, can’t stand the stuff, but Its want I wanted when I was pregnant. & no I didn’t give into it.) If given the chance, I would do it again. Knowing the risks, because if anything in this life is worth anything, it would be a child. 

   ~ Cat

Cat is a SAHM, a wife, a mother of stinkybutt, and also the creator of Kathleen Dorman Photography. Learn more about Cat here.

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