Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Him #toptentues

Love..the reasons I love you
It was a good day yesterday. I can’t say much was planned for Valentine’s Day because neither of us really have any money to spend let alone on each other or ourselves. I was very surprised when he asked to take me out to breakfast though.
Seeing on how we were both up for 3:00am, I had work, he drove a friend to the airport, we were both really tired, so the whole day was basically spending time together watching movies and napping.

While I was disappointed that I really didn’t get anything accomplished yesterday, I was happy to lay with my man while I could, as time doesn’t always grant it. 

 I Love You babe, and I’ll be happy to say 6 years in September!

10. I can always count on you
9. You can always make me laugh
8. I can be myself when I’m with you
7. Why I love you is you love me back!
6. You never give up on me and that’s what keeps me going
5. I love the feeling of being secure when you wrap your arms around me
4. I love the way you keep your cool when I do something stupid
3. Your love gives me the feeling that the best is still ahead
2. I like your small gestures that speak volumes about how much you care
1. and of course, your intelligence ’cause you were smart enough to fall in love with me!

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