Crayon’s & Hot Dogs OH MY

You have to love being a parent. The things your children will do. Stinkybutt has been feeling off for the past couple of weeks. Monday I get a call from his school, asking me to please come and get him because he was complaining of a headache, & just was laying his head down on the desk. So I went & I got him, he comes home & tells me that a little boy in his class twisted his ear.

Ummm Okay. The next thing you know he’s screaming out in pain. I go into super mom mode. You know the drill, the blankets & the pillows on the sofa, cuddling, watching all those pain in the rear cartoons that Disney & Nick Jr show to drive us parents insane? Well that didn’t help. He kept crying out in pain. So then I went into panic mood. Thinking okay, what if something has happened to his ear drum, so fourth & so fourth. We barely make it through the night. It was crazy.

So My husband takes him to the doctors yesterday. Turns out Stinkybutt has an ear infection. Cause by what you ask? Something that looks like a Crayon tip. The best we can think. No one is really sure what it is. But it caused a horrible ear infection. No one knows how long it was in there. We figure that the little boy who twisted Stinkybutt’s ear, made the THING move. Which caused more pain…. Which lead us to finding out that there was something in his ear.

             All I could think of is the time when He was two. Stinkybutt loves Spongebob, & he was watching Spongebob make a rocket out of his nose. I didn’t think anything of this. My mistake. 30 minutes later we’re having Hot dogs & french fries for lunch. I turn around & wash some dishes. Behind my back John thought he needed a nose rocket too. With hot dogs. Sighs. 15 minutes after that He’s laying on the kitchen floor. I’m leaning over him with a Mag light in one hand & a tweezers in my other……

The things our children do. Makes us wonder if we were anything like that when we were their ages?

Article written by Catie. She’s a SAHM & a photographer!



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