During My First Pregnancy I Thought I Was Invincible, The Second?

{M with Baby!}
                               During my first pregnancy I thought I was invincible. Nausea? Not me! Aches and pains? HA! Maybe for all you NON-special pregnant ladies. But me? I was cozy with my new found abilities to eat and not gain weight, to attract every well wishing old woman within a 100 ft radius like the worlds strongest magnet, to grow beautiful long nails in a matter of days and to smell a rotting apple at the bottom of my trash can before I even bought it at the store (oh yeah! I could smell anything!) So when I saw that little blue plus sign appear on the plastic stick i just peed on, indicating that there was another bun in my oven, I was not nervous.

      Saying I felt foolish that i had been so cocky coming into this pregnancy only begins to scratch the surface when I found myself once again on my knees in the bathroom giving up yet another meal.

Suddenly with my face constantly in the toilet, the ability to smell anything seemed less like the super power I remembered it as, and more like a curse. I felt punished for having such a beautiful pregnancy the first time. Now it was my time to pay my debt to the “reasons growing a human inside of you is not all that fun” list.

      It started with “Oh no I think I’m going to be sick” and graduated to “Thank god it’s bed time; the only time I’m not puking my guts out.” By the end of that pregnancy I had it down to a science. Never eat too much meat, or anything with tomato sauce in it because it is not fun to throw up. Instead stick to ramen noodles; they come up the same way they go down.

As if vomiting constantly is not enough of a reason to be miserable about being pregnant, I also developed horrible ligament and sciatic nerve pain constantly shooting up my abdomen and butt, I was so clumsy, I’d cry over silly things like running out of turkey sandwiches at Irving, I was exhausted, I sweat for the first time in my life and buckets of it.  OH the heart burn. Tums and I have become close friends. Sure enough that baby came out with a full head of hair.Of course, all of this is to be expected. I had what is considered a very normal pregnancy. An easy one even. I pity the women who have hard ones!

Now as if by now I’m not asking my body why it’s putting me through all of this, it had to go and shock me once more with what strange curve balls pregnancy can throw you.Any woman who’s had pregnancy cravings can tell you that they are not just cravings. You absolutely feel like you need them.

In spite of it all, nothing beats shopping for the outfit your baby will come home in, feeling her move inside of you as if she’s preparing for the Olympics, or daydreaming about what she may look like. I folded every onsie into her dresser with an indescribable excitement. I would spend hours at my sewing machine making her quilt, curtains and bumper. I found a huge sense of pride in making each and every thing for her nursery match. The yellow lamp with the ducks I had painted on the shade, the matching clock with each number gently written on soft ducky stickers I had searched high and low for, the wee morning hours lost to deciding the perfect order each square of her quilt would go in.

{M with baby!}
Pregnancy is an unpredictable and strange experience. It is not for the weak. Of course, many women can become pregnant. It’s emerging from this war zone your body goes through with all your marbles that makes you a true veteran, and a true veteran I am.

Miranda is a mommy of two!

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