Top Ten Tips Every Parent Should Know! #toptentues #moms #dads

Well what started the idea from this post would have to be when I was reading one of my favorite magazine, Parents, and I came across a little blurb about how every parent should know how to wash their favorite stuffed animal. Well a bunch of ideas started popping in my head about little things my parents used to do for me, things that I’ve done, and things my mommy friends do to make life a little easier,  now.

That’s how this Top Ten came to be! Hope you enjoy!

#1. Every parent should know how to wash your child’s favorite stuffed animal.
Everything gets germs, and you don’t want to make your child cry when you accidentally wreck they’re bear. Try putting the stuffed animal inside a pillow case and ash on gentle using cold water and mild detergent. {Parenting Magazine, can’t remember which one}

Image: Louisa Stokes /

#2. Every parent should know that obesity either is or will be the biggest health problem facing our child’s generation. Not eating healthy can cause behavior problems, obesity, and more! Give your kids a good head start to eating healthy by providing foods that are low in sugar and saturated fat.

Image: Clare Bloomfield /

#3. Every parent should know that your doctor is not a parent expert, and usually not a breastfeeding expert. I hear of so many parents feeling guilty and bad after they leave the doctor’s office, because doctors give advice on a parenting issue, that may not even be medical. Don’t be afraid to do your own research and get a second opinion.

Image: luigi diamanti /

#4. Every parent should know how to say no, when other parents say yes. Help teach your child that there are different rules for different homes.

Image: healingdream /

#5. Parents should know how to change a diaper anywhere. Whether you change your baby at a pull down changing table in a restroom, or the backseat of your car, soon, you’ll be a pro.

Image: Dynet’s /

#6. Does your child like to play with stickers? Every parent should know that you can transform them onto wax paper to make them last longer. That way, your child can peel and re-arrange without ripping them!

Image: FormatBrain /

#7. Parents should pass it on that you can keep a plastic plate and bowl in the freezer and transfer hot food to it to cut down cooling time.

Image: Paint_Monkey /

#8. Having a problem with loose puzzle pieces? I know a mom that marks each puzzle piece with a number and the box, so when she comes across a stray piece, she can match it with the correct box!

Image: Salvatore Vuono /

#9. Every parent should learn how to say no and stick with it. Not sticking to “no” while your toddler is throwing a tantrum can develop a bad habit later in life.

Image: zirconicusso /

#10. Want to encourage creativity with paint without the huge mess? I know one parent that tapes paper to the bathtub walls, so when his child is done with their masterpiece, they immediately wash them and everything down. Super!

Image: Salvatore Vuono /

Do you have any other tips that you feel Parents Should Know? I would love to read them!

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4 responses to “Top Ten Tips Every Parent Should Know! #toptentues #moms #dads

  1. Love the paint in the tub and wax paper tip. Oh and saying no and different house rules are soooo crucial! Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Love the tip about the stickers!! I had never thought of that before but you can bet we'll use it now! Thanks!Stopping in from OhAmanda's TopTenTuesday!

  3. Wow! So many great ideas. The stickers, the painting, the dish in the freezer, the puzzle pieces….and a parent will definitely learn how to change a diaper ANYWHERE 🙂

  4. I'm so glad, I was hoping someone would find it helpful! 😀

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