The GroundHog Lied! #photography

It’s been snowing consistently since this morning. I had to get to my clients house to clean which was supposedly 20 minutes away but really 40 because of the slick roads. Because my jeep is in the shop, I am using a little car, which doesn’t handle well in the snow.
snow snow GO AWAY!!  #photography

It took two hours to clean, I started heading home, barely making it up the two hills on the way. I made it all the way back and then ended up getting stuck at the way end of the driveway. Enough to where I was really hoping not to walk.
ack! watching the snow come down. i hope it's stops soon!
So 15 minutes and I’m finally free and back in the house. yay! Now only if it would stop snowing!
Here’s the start to the igloo my niece and I are attempting! 
half an igloo lol #photography
Hope everyone with snow is driving safe!

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