Your Behavior Affects Your Child #parenting #moms #dads

One of the biggest things that bothers me about Charlie Sheen is not the two women he beds with, it’s not all the drugs and partying he’s been doing, It’s the fact that he doesn’t seem to think he has a problem. He’s proud of the way he’s acting and being, without any regards to how this is affecting his children. 

{photos by Angela George for Sharon Graphics © 2009}

We can’t be mad at Brooke for taking the kids away, I would have done the same thing. This isn’t about Charlie Sheen, it’s about the people that are affected by his behaviour. His children, who are suffering. Being ripped out of their home and away from their daddy for reasons that can’t even comprehend! How can you be proud of yourself Charlie? Look at the people who are being affected by this!

When asked if he would be embarrassed when his children read about this someday Charlie responded saying, “No! This is educational!” Are you serious? You do not have children in hopes that they learn from your mistakes, because they grow up wanting to be just like you, so lead by example!!

He says he’s not into resisting the law, but he’s willing to constantly break it? 

Watching all the news and all this, he seems surprised that his kids were taken away. Well, what did he expect was going to happen? You may love your children a lot, and they are well taken care of, but like i said before, you as a parent are supposed to lead by example, and he can’t expect people to just sit back and watch him spiral out of control and take everyone he cares about down with him. 

From the TV Show
Two And A Half Men

Now also, I wanted to mention, the media is not making Charlie want to get better. He has a sickness, a problem! He needs help, and instead, Television & Radio stations are making fun of him, people are poking fun at him. No one seems as concerned as they should be!

I’m not one that watches TV and just sits and rants about it, but this really hit a nerve because I see children affected by this type of parental behavior ALL THE TIME, and it really sucks! Parents should be able to have a good time and party too, but your kids come first, ALWAYS! 

So cut it out !!

{Photo Credit: The Today’s Show}

Please get better soon Charlie, if not for your adoring fans, than for your kid’s sake! 

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