Top Ten Favorite Toys #toptentues

Since it’s winter time, and right now it’s raining, I thought it would be fun to have lil man help me with my top ten Tuesday blog! I have been providing Before Care for lil man for about 2 years, and he’s been trying so hard every day in school, I’m so proud!

So here’s Lil Man’s Top Ten Favorite Toys! In the words of a seven year old! 

Star Wars Toys
I like them because I liked the movie

I build random things and people

Pirate Ship
I use my legos with the pirate ship

Star Tours Gun
It’s like the Star Wars Gun. I like to battle Darth Vader and Pokemon

Play Doh
I like to make snakes

Race Car
it’s remote control. I use it inside even though it’s all terrain. 

Board Games
My favorite is monopoly Nintendo!

Stuffed Animals
My three favorite: Berry (above) Rootbeer, & BlueBlue (blanket)

It’s fun to read!

My favorite game is Kirby Superstar Ultra and I get to play 2 hours a day. 

These are all his favorite toys, but most often you will catch him reading. 

What is your child’s favorite thing to do?

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6 responses to “Top Ten Favorite Toys #toptentues

  1. My three year old currently enjoys playing with his baby sister's new toys she just got for her birthday 🙂 That is great that he loves to read and that looks like quite the collection.

  2. I am JEALOUS of that play doh set! My daughter's favorite thing to do is kick my ribs, hiccup, and try to pry my insides open by poking her limbs out. 😛

  3. Fun post. I'm sure your son loved getting to help write a post with you 🙂 Definitely looks like a great book collection you have there! We've got to get ours growing.My daughter's favorite toys are currently a mini-soccer ball (she loves playing catch with us) and containers of dog treats lol.

  4. Lil man is actually a 7 year old that I provide Before Care for, and it was fun for both of us to go through his toys. I followed him around writing what he told me about each toy. His play doh set is something I actually got him for Christmas. He seems to really like it, and I love how the conveyor belt moves and it stores play doh!He has read every single book in his book case, and I know his books are added to on a regular basis. He's always telling me about strange animal facts or about the latest pokemon type! lol. He teaches me new things all of the time!Isn't it crazy how kids end up teaching adults?

  5. AMY

    Books, Xbox and Wii!I'm a new follower.Amy's Life

  6. Thanks for the follow! I followed back!

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