Devastation hits Japan

This is terrible. So many people killed. I couldn’t imagine not having a chance to react. It’s amazing the technology we have these days to be able to view a raw video like this. And I couldn’t help get tears in my eyes while watching this video. Watching how fast the water engulfed everything and watching the cars once driving down the road immediately swept away. How many people were in each of those cars? And also knowing that this happened just Friday morning. This isn’t just a video, this is real and people are dying!
These are people, just like you and me. People who have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, people who need our help! Even donating $1 can make a difference, I know these are hard times!

I really love the Angus Bacon Burger at McDonald’s, but instead of buying this $5 sandwich, I donated that money. Cause I know even though this has been a really tough year so far for me, I can still make a difference.
And if it really matters to you, I believe you can get a tax break or something like that.

but seriously, consider is please, these people are hungry, and have no homes or anything, they have nothing.


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