Winter Wordless Wednesday!

I’m so ready for spring it’s not funny, 
here’s a quick recap of the snow we got this winter.
Get the hot chocolate ready!

I like this picture. It looks like the school is buried. 

My Backyard
As it snowed, we had less and less of our back deck. There was just no where to put anything!


Out front
Fresh snow falling is really pretty. 

So much snow
There’s no way I was able to drive out
Can someone plow me out?

weighing the trees down
I’d hate to be the one standing under this when it falls!

Another picture I like because it looks like it’s snowed in! lol

Thanks for stopping by!
 Which picture above is your favorite?

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3 responses to “Winter Wordless Wednesday!

  1. They look great! On one hand I would love to have snow that heavy, but knowing the UK we would grind to a halt for months if we did!

  2. lol. If I moved away where there was no snow, I'm not sure if I'd miss it or not. The first snow fall is pretty, but after a while, it's just too much. lolIt's crazy because up here (Maine), they cancel school for the kids if there's too much snow, too slippery, or too cold. Which is understandable. But in North Carolina, where my boyfriend is from, they get a light dusting, and school is cancelled and people are rushing to the stores as if the food is going to disappear. I'm outside in a tank top cause it's not even cold, and people look at me like I'm crazy. It's so funny! Thanks for checking my blog post out!

  3. PAM

    Snowy pictures are very beautiful, but, I am happy to say good bye. Enough is enough already!

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