Teaching Your Kids About April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day

Playing jokes and pranks on your friends and family can be fun. While there are so many funny pranks people have pulled, I’ve also seen a lot of jokes that were taken too far. 

April is National Humor Month because laughter is good for your health! So make a point to laugh everyday!
No one knows the origin of April Fool’s Day but there have been many guesses. A lot of people believe that it began many years ago in France. According to the pre-Gregorian calender, the New Year Festival started around April 1st and was later changed in 1564 by Charles the IX, to January 1st.
Since it was tradition to give gifts on the first day of the year, people who resisted the change were victimized by pranksters.
Pretty soon, the custom of playing jokes spread and started being celebrated by many.

It’s important to remember that the jokes played should be fun for both sides. The day was never meant for nasty jokes. A person must understand the difference between a good joke and a bad one. 

Try discussing with your child, jokes that sound funny vs jokes that may not be so good. It might also be a good idea to suggest some good ideas and maybe even plan a trick to play together.

This Friday, I’m going to help lil man stick a gummy worm in an apple to trick his parents. 

What are some ways you are teaching your kids about jokes and pranking?

Do you have any good prank ideas that the kids can get involved in? Or that you can play on your kids?


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