Have You Heard of Extreme Couponing?

What do you think about couponing? How about couponing to the point that your garage could pass as a store?? 

Extreme Couponing premiered last night at 9. I am so excited. I heard an interview on the radio yesterday advertising it and I was floored at the amount of money that was being saved!
So last night, I started watching a show of it from 8 and then watched the premiere at 9!

This show is way intense! For a first time watcher, I started wondering if I might turn into crazy savings lady if I attempted this. lol

I’ve been watching the #extremecouponing hashtag also, and wow, people are very opinionated here!

People want to complain they’re broke in one hand, and then make fun of couponing in the other. 
Oh well, how awesome is it to save tons of money, and always have everything you need?! Take the point the television show is trying to make, you don’t have to go broke shopping at the store. There IS a way of buying everything you need without spending an arm and a leg. I hope to learn these secrets. 

I wanted to give my readers a couple sites & people that help you get started on Couponing, at a not so extreme level!

Chrystie lives within an hour from me! How cool is that!? I heard her on the radio talking about how she started couponing and how it can help. Read her blog on couponing here. She can teach you how to get FREE items! She also offers a class that my friend took and really enjoyed. 

DealSeekingMom is trying to teach people across the US how to stretch their budgets, and finding us deals! 

Both of these sites are very nicely set up, and I do encourage you to check them out!

Happy Saving!~



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2 responses to “Have You Heard of Extreme Couponing?

  1. while I do love shopping and saving money is the goal I shop for my family and not to fill my garage but how nice it would be to have a surplus like that I believe I would donate to food pantry though

  2. i am bad about grocery coupons but pretty good w/ retail coupons it always feels good to save some money

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