Top Ten Things On My Birthday Wish List ~ #toptentues

With my birthday being less than a week away, I’ve been thinking more and more about my wishlist. A list of things that I’m working towards or have been really wanting!
I thought it might be fun to post about it!

So here are the Top Ten Things On my Wishlist!

A Laptop – so I can take my work where ever I go. I would love to show my grandmother some things online, but she doesn’t have a computer. Something that would be solved if I had a laptop. Don’t know much about what kind or type, but would need WIFI. 

Intuos4 Medium graphics Tablet – So my graphic designing can get even better. This is pricy, but it’s what the professionals use, and this is something that I seem to pick up pretty quickly.

GoJane gift card – GoJane is an online girly store! I fall in love with their shoes all the time!

Adobe Package – Photoshop cs4, Dreamweaver, and other programs.(yay! I’m happy to say I can check this off my list! I am now able to learn how to make cartoons, vector graphics, improve my photos, and web designing!)

New clothes
 – I’m always in need for new clothes. I’d really like to shop smart and buy some things for winter now that the season is almost over. I really need Boots, long sleeve shirts, pants, shoes & sweaters. I just never seem to have money when the sales are in.

Honda Hybrid – LMAO I had to put this! I house sat for a week and was able to drive the family car, which was a hybrid and just fell in love. Having to fill the tank at $30 once every 2 weeks is a dream! Especially when my vehicle now guzzles about $60 every week!

Help on my blog. I need someone who can give me some pointers and let me know if I am headed in the right direction. What happened to, I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine? Someone who might be able to help me manage the bloggy duties.
 I have my own domain now, but before I can put that up, I need to know how to build a site. Between the graphic design, learning how to build a website, and all other things blog related, my head is about the do the exorcism thing. LOL

A better digital camera so I can take (and possibly sell) better photographs! šŸ™‚
On my way to work in the morning, I can see the sun rise over the trees on the grass farm and it’s beautiful. I wish I could get a nice picture, but not with the crappy digital camera I have right now, trust me, I’ve tried. lol.

A nice Deep Tissue back massage would do the trick. This is something that gets put on the top of my to do list every year, but when it comes down to having money in my hand that could go towards something more I need, it always gets looked over.
Ever since I fell down the stairs at age 12, I have been to physical therapy & the chiropractors with back pain. I eventually stopped going because of insurance reasons.

An IPhone. I used to hate these things. Until I realized how cool they actually are. To be able to jump online from anywhere to look something up, to jot something down, all those helpful apps, yea I want one! This is just something else I could use to help better organize my life!

Something that should be on my wishlist also is dancing. And that’s something that I’m definitely doing this weekend!
Thanks for reading & have a great day!
I know some of these are pricey, but that’s why they are on the wish list.  I can’t imagine the doors of possibilities it would open up if I had any of these.
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