How to Keep Track of Your Facebook Wall

Since the Ultimate Blog Party, and LIKING so many facebook pages, my facebook wall now blows up at all times of the day. It was extremely overwhelming to scan through all of it and I found that it was very time consuming trying to weed through Status, Page, and Game updates.

Did you know that you can customize your facebook wall? If you click next to where it says Top News, you will get choices on which updates you see. I usually click status updates to quickly see my most recent friend’s updates, and then onto page and check out all the bloggy updates!

But because I like to play Farmville and Zombie Lane, I find that if I organize my facebook wall this way, I’m not having to weed through all the game updates anymore, which was one of the biggest space wasters ever.  I think facebook should have a different wall for all the game updates instead of making your contacts suffer because the game keeps posting to your wall.

Also, since the new facebook change took place, there is a good chance you’re not getting all of your updates anyways. To fix this, head to the same area. Next to Top News, if you click the drop down menu again, at the bottom it will say Edit Options. If you click that, a box will pop up and at the top it says Show Posts From: and there you can choose, friends and pages you interact with the most, or all of your friends and pages.

I choose the all because I don’t need facebook deciding for me. And I might miss something! Plus if people and pages are really bothering me, I can click the X beside each wall post and can choose options  from there.

Hope this helps!


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