Tornado’s Hit Close to Home #WordlessWednesday

Photos By Kathleen Dorman

Normally I don’t post words to go along with my pictures. Today I am. I’m asking for prayers to be said for those in my town & my surrounding area’s that where hit by the Tornado’s this past Saturday. The damage is devastating. I didn’t post any pictures, as I refuse to take pictures of people’s private moments. But whole neighborhoods in my town were leveled.  
There are have been 23 storm related deaths in my state. & That’s not including those who were hit in the days through out the south before North Carolina was hit. Many many lives where lost during these storms. 


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4 responses to “Tornado’s Hit Close to Home #WordlessWednesday

  1. wow, that was just scary. you all be careful! happy WW!my WW is up too, it's here Oh Oh, Bobos!

  2. Liz

    This is sad news. I hope you and your family are alright.You are all in my thoughts and prayers.My entries:Moms…Check NyoYummy-as-can-be

  3. You and your community will be in my prayers. I have family in NC, scary weather that has been happening there.

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