Top Ten Reasons I’m Not Following You Back #toptentues

Ever wonder when you follow someone on Twitter, why they don’t return the favor? I’m no Twitter expert but I can think of a few reasons why I might not have followed you back.
On in this weeks Top Ten Tuesday – 
Reasons I’m Not Following You Back

1. You haven’t tweeted in a long time. I understand things happen and you may need to step away from the computer for a short while, but it wouldn’t hurt to check in with a quick “hello” so your followers know your account isn’t dead.

2. Your avatar is an egg, nude, or half dressed. There might be a couple eggs on my follow list but that’s probably because I know them IRL, but if I don’t know you, and you have one of these things as your picture, my first thought is that you’re spam.

3. An empty bio. I usually always check the bio out before I click the follow button. The whole point of having a Twitter account is to be social and get to know people, so if you have no information, how can I get to know you? I probably won’t follow back.

4, You use excessive swearing, are negative, or frequently mean.  People swear, I don’t have a problem with that, and I like the occasional dirty joke, I follow Daniel Tosh, but there are certain words I don’t care to read, and I’m not out to read negative tweets. If you’re hurtful, and don’t have anything nice to say, I’ll spare my eyes and won’t follow back. 

5. You have tons of followers but little or no tweets. This screams spam to me. It makes me wonder if you pay to get followers?

6. Your tweets and bio suggests that we have nothing in common. This is self explanatory and it happens. I appreciate your follow. 

7. You never talk to your followers and are only concerned with promoting yourself. I joined Twitter to promote my blog and socialize with new and exciting people! On Twitter, I am known to link to my site a lot, but I also tweet other sites and things I love. I also make attempts to tweet a little while trying not to get lost in the twittersphere. So, if you aren’t making any attempt to talk back, there’s no point to follow back. 

8. Re-tweeting continuously, one after the other. Take a breather folks, this is annoying. Where are your own thoughts? I have been known to Re-tweet a lot, but I try to avoid massive tweeting so it doesn’t flood your twitter stream. 

9. You unfollowed me after I followed you so you can get more followers. Ok doing this is just rude, In my opinion.

10. I honestly forgot to follow you back. It happens, no big deal. If you happen to notice I’m not following you back, send a friendly message over and let me know so I can. After all, I can be absent minded!  

That’s my top ten! I would love for you to leave a comment just to let me know you stopped by and read it! Thanks~

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