Body of Little Boy Found in Woods

UPDATED on 5/19
South Berwick, Maine – Little boy’s body was found less than 30 minutes from my hometown around 5pm Saturday. Police think that this boy was maybe 4 or 6 years old. I think they are guessing by his baby teeth. He was found in the woods about 35-40ft, covered by a green blanket.
So sad, and scary!

Above is a computer generated image of him, what does that mean? Does that mean he was so unrecognizable that they needed to guess what he looked like? 

The weird thing is that there is no report in Maine, Mass. Or NH of any missing child matching this description, which makes me think it might have been the parents. They aren’t letting much information out, but they are looking for a navy blue Tacoma pickup truck, newer model. The truck has an extended cab and a full cap over the bed. They think it might have been a female driving.  

Hoping someone from the public can help them solve this mystery.

I don’t know what to think. This is so horrible. I pray that we find the ones responsible for this!

Anyone with information on the boy’s identify is asked to call Maine State Police in Gray at 207-657-3030.


Sounds like they found the pick up truck and have the woman in custody. So far she’s not charged with anything, but they are questioning her and the blue truck with Texas plates has been seized for examination.  Maine, NH, Mass. & Texas are now involved in this case. No one knows how this boy died, but there was an autopsy done, no information has been released though.

The press conference has been pushed back, it was supposed to be at 3.
The woman who the truck is registered to, she has an older son who is in the navy, she also has a 6 year old boy, she has a police record, arrested for drug charges and prostitution. Not pointing fingers, they still don’t have enough evidence on her for an arrest, but some of these details seem to fit together.. The woman in the truck made statements that led police to question her.

RIP 6-year-old Camden Pierce Hughes of Texas
The mother has confessed to killing her son. 
Fire and rescue are currently where Juli is, but she will be transfered to a medical hospital for a “medical” evaluation. The mother is not yet charged with a crime. 
He did mention that the media has been very helpful. 

Again waiting on more info, police believe he may have been killed in NH, and everything has been handed over to NH and the attorney general is really strict about what information they are releasing. 


picture from CBS Boston


“Preliminary autopsy findings showed that the cause of Camden’s death was asphyxiation and the manner of death was homicide, according to Maine’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Margaret Greenwald. The homicide remains under investigation.” – fox news
She claims she gave him too much cough syrup. The mother has been charged with 2nd degree murder.

Read more here

Read more here


It’s sickening to see the mother’s facebook wall. Sad to see her talk about Jesus & Camden and the pictures of him from the past. What a beautiful little boy…
Juli Mccrery:
Kindergarten Round-Up went well last night and Chuck E. Cheese wasn’t too bad. Camden said it was his lucky day!
May 28, 2010 at 7:20am

Her Facebook Wall

More details to come….

To see the videos covering the story click below

Read it here

Below is a slideshow of pictures taken from her Facebook profile & home videos found on YouTube!

See the letter written by Camden’s grandmother here

RIP Camden Pierce Hughes

Leave a message on his Facebook Page

Light a candle for Camden

Oh, and to help stop all the bashing that’s being put on Camden’s loved ones’ facebook pages, I welcome you to vent your thoughts here.


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