Top Ten Places to Visit In and Around Portland, Maine #toptentues

Some of my readers have probably figured out by now that I live in Maine. From the frequent tweets complaining about how I’m always cold in Maine, to other random pictures I take, and things that I talk about.  

I never really noticed how beautiful Maine is until a few years ago, and I’ve lived here all of my life. It took moving down south for a bit to realize that Maine has some things that other states don’t, and I should be proud of where I come from. 
This is a very beautiful state, and I’m privileged to live in a place that most people can only vacation in. That presidents go out of their way to go striper fishing off the coast, where Stephen King lives/vacations, where the sun rises first, where seafood is the best! 
So this weeks Top Ten Post is encouraging you to come to my beautiful state and check out some of these top ten places to visit in and around Portland, Maine. 

Top 10 Places to Visit In And Around Portland, Maine


Portland Head Light – Probably the most recognizable landmark in Maine. Spend your day walking the rocky shoreline, climb around the ruins of war bunkers, or bring your kites, as many do, and enjoy the wide open spaces. Maine postcards, and calendars have always been adorned with the historic Lighthouse and rocky coastline. A visit to Portland Head Light his is a must for any visitor.

Kettle Cove – just a short drive down Highway 77 towards Cape Elizabeth, you’ll find Kettle Cove. You can spend hours here walking the beach, looking for crabs or shells in the little coves, or just lying out on the beach working on your tan.


The Old Port – Located in the downtown area of Portland. The waterfront area hosts many shops,. You can take a ride on the Duck Boat, or take the ferry and spend a day visiting the islands off Casco Bay. Enjoy the local restaurants and don’t forget to check out our famous Maine Lobster Dinner!

LL Bean – Most everyone is familiar with L.L.Beans clothing and sports gear. They also offer activities to do with your kids! Located just a short drive from Portland in Freeport, LL Bean is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Portland Observatory Museum – Located on Congress Street, toward Munjoy Hill, is the Portland Observatory. It is a fantastic place to gaze over the city of Portland or to view the sights on Casco Bay. You actually climb all the way to the top of the lookout tower, which was once used to watch out for ships entering Portland Harbor. Bring your binoculars and camera!

Deering Oaks Park – A popular place for parents and kids alike, Deering Oaks Park has really improved itself over the years and is now the “place to be” to spend the day with your family. From the new kids playground, to the volleyball and horse shoe pits, to just feeding the ducks in the pond. Deering Oaks has something for everybody. And the beauty of this family park is, it costs nothing to enjoy!

Spring Point Light – This small lighthouse sits on the end of a long breakwater made up of boulders and sticks out into the water a few yards. You can get up close to the lighthouse, walk the rocks or just watch the many lobster boats coming in and out of Portland Harbor.
Fort Allen Park – Located right on the harbor near downtown Portland, Fort Allen Park offers some of the best views of the city. Plenty of running around space for the kids, and there are several replicas of the canons once used to protect the harbor.
Two Lights State Park – Take your family picnic to Two Light State Park. You’ll find out of the way picnic areas, plenty of space for the kids to run, and a wicked view of the coast line. There are also two lighthouses, war bunkers, and the beautiful rocky coastline to see. Bring your camera. 


Kennebunkport – Take a nice day trip drive down Route 1 and you’ll discover the quiet town of Kennebunkport. This small fishing town boasts several local shops, a playhouse and of course, the famous Bush compound

That’s my top ten! Which one would you visit first? ~

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