Top Ten Things I Have Been Procrastinating #toptentues

Where has my ambition gone? Lately I have been slacking on my duties and I’ve been feeling down. It raining all week probably doesn’t help either. So I decided to write about the top ten list of things I’ve been procrastinating. 

Clean out my car I hate the cold, and winters here can be brutal. So I tend to neglect my car all winter long. Now it’s nice out, I should give my car some care, a nice clean out and vacuum, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Go through my bookmarks I have so many pages that I’ve bookmarked for later, my head is spinning. I’ve been meaning to go through the list and shorten it down. Anyone want to guess the last time I did that? haha

 Flickr Watermark/ PicMarkr Pro I just bought a new Nikon camera for a great deal and am really excited to start taking pictures. I’d really like to learn more about watermarking. I’m thinking about upgrading to Flickr Pro and buying PicMarkr Pro so all my photos are automatically watermarked. Or is there an easier way? I have to do more research.

Finish Book Review I’m halfway through a great parenting book that I’m so excited to share. It’s just been so hard to juggle everything.

Go through and re-organize my coupons how do they always get so messy?

Find more work I have a seasonal job that ends when school ends, so I’ve been looking for more work to make up for the loss of money, but no one is hiring. I’ve been kind of stressed about that.

Laundry The never ending job of laundry. I hate laundry, it’s evil!

Edit pictures in Photoshop people have been waiting on me and I even have a book cover design that I’m working on that I should hurry up and get done.

Re-organize and pack things up I don’t need – I’m hoping to have this house packed and hopefully put on the market to be sold. This will probably take all summer.

Facebook Page research I want to add more pages/tabs to the Facebook page but every time I go to add an app, it makes me sign back onto my person profile. I’ve been meaning to look that up so I can learn how to spice my Facebook page up.

And there it is. I’m telling on myself! The things I’ve been meaning to do.

I am no longer going to say,

“Never do today, what you can possibly put off until tomorrow”

I’m going to try to have most of these done by next week. Wish me luck! 

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