Don’t drive through the water #WordlessWednesday

As I look through my pictures, these few stand out at me. With all the rain and snow we’ve had this year, I’m surprised we haven’t seen any flooding like we usually do.
I’m thankful it’s not major flooding when it does happen, and it’s so memorizing to me. I love taking pictures of it, water is so powerful.
I lost a lot of my pictures due to a hard drive crash, but I salvaged these and wanted to share a few pics that I took the last time it flooded around southern Maine.
Oh, and what an adventure driving around to get these pictures too! 

At this cemetery, it’s so flooded you couldn’t get to the other side. 

Broken Road

Rule #1. Never go through any water over the road. It could be broken.
This is my road to work. I accidentally went through this that morning. It was dark out and by the time I realized it, I was already halfway through. It was so scary, all I kept thinking was ‘oh my god, oh my god’ as I felt the water pushing against my jeep. Thankfully, I made it through, and now I drive way more cautious.

Water slamming the NH/ME bridge. They shut the bridge down just in case.  Considering that the water is usually way less, this was quite a view.

More water slamming against things. I’m surprised this didn’t go anywhere. Water can be so powerful. 

normally calm waters raging angrily past

If you follow the bridge, it takes you back down to the trail, but above, there is  no trail. Water has taken over almost everything. 

Thanks for checking out my Wordless Wednesday! I hope you all have a great day!

:: Wordless Wednesday is when you post a photo with no words to explain it. The idea is that the photo itself says enough that you don’t need any description. But I can never manage to keep anything wordless. haha. Feel free to join in by throwing a picture up on your blog and linking it below! ::

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