My Top Ten Fun Things To Do During Summer

I am so excited to be writing my first top ten Tuesday post for KreativeKaring. My name is Kaitlyn and I just finished 7th grade. 
Now that school is finally out, I can’t wait to spend my days doing some of my favorite things that were meant for summer.   

Here are My Top Ten Fun Things To Do In The Summer

Swimming is one of my favorite things to do because it’s nice to do with family & friends, and it’s good exercise. when I swim I go to a certain bridge. It’s not that high up and it’s fun to jump off and swim under, but I’m not fond of all the spiders!

Frog Catching
Frog catching is so much fun. My Aunt and I go to a pond in town, with a big bucket, to catch as many frogs as we can.  We try to get about 50 frogs, it seems like. We let them all go at the same time, and when we let them go we take pictures, and enjoy watching them hop back into the water, so we can catch them next time. 

Taking Pictures

I love taking pictures! I hope to get my own digital camera soon.

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Picnicking is a great way to spend time with family and spend some time outside getting fresh air. I think it’s about time to go on one again soon!

Yard Sales
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It’s nice to be able to go out and get new things without breaking your wallet. I think it’s just as much fun to have your own as it is to go to them, but a lot of work. 

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When I go I try to take a break from electronics. I’m really excited to be heading to camp next week, so I can have fun, relax, and spend some time with nature.

Walking Jake

Jake is my aunt’s dog, I love to walk him because it’s good exercise for the both of us and he really seems to enjoy it.

Bike Riding
Photo Credit

I love bike riding, I just wish they didn’t make us ride next to the sidewalk, it doesn’t make me feel very safe riding next to cars. 

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Ok, you can’t look at this and not be on the same page as me. Who doesn’t love shopping? Well besides spending money we don’t have, getting new things is great.


I love to go boating. My Aunt and Uncle live on a close by Island,  so we go boating all the time. Plus the water and waves are beautiful. 

As you can see, I love the outdoors.

What are some of your favorite things to do when the weather is nice?

This post is written by Kaitlyn. More info to come soon, in the ‘About KreativeKaring’ page

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