How To Hide Photo Albums From Individuals on Facebook~

Do you have co-workers and younger family members on your Facebook Friends List? Do you sometimes put pictures up that you want to share, but maybe they aren’t appropriate for certain people? Well here’s a tutorial on how to hide certain albums from certain people.

First step is log into your Facebook account, click Account in the upper right hand corner and down to privacy settings like the picture above. 
Next you will see all these options and  buttons for different privacy settings. I don’t let anyone see anything on my profile unless they’re added as a friend.

Anyways, scroll down until you see ‘Edit Privacy Settings – for existing photo albums and videos’ just like in the above photo with the red star next to it. Click on the link.

It takes you to a page that has all of your albums, but giving you more privacy settings. As you can see I chose an album and clicked on Custom – edit which makes a box pop up.
 You will see a red X with ‘Hide this from’ and in the box under that want to start typing in the names that do not have your permission to see your photos. 
It’s tricky at first for people who aren’t familiar with the settings, but you will catch on quick and you will have less FB stalkers. lol
Hope this helps!

If you liked this tutorial don’t hesitate to let me know you stopped by!
If there’s something you’d like to see a tutorial on, let me know kreativekaring{at}live{dot}com


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