Top Ten Facts About Head Lice You Might Not Know! #toptentues

Our house has been attacked by head lice after picking my niece up from camp last week. Not cool… My hair is really thick, so to save money, I cut a few inches off our hair. So far so good, $50 later and a few treatments and they are staying gone, but have you ever heard of the super lice? They are lice that are no longer effected by poisons and treatments. Ones that are evolving. I remember when I was little I had lice 9 times in a year, it was horrible. I remember my mom saying, “if they aren’t gone this time, we are cutting your hair really short!” 
I found out that there are a whole bunch of things I didn’t know about the lil buggers. So here is my top ten facts about head lice you might not know!

From everything that I’ve read it seems that lice do not jump. Even though they are highly contagious, they are spread through direct contact. 

Head lice lives in human hair only. They cannot survive anywhere else. They die within 48 hours off the hair.

Head lice love any hair, it doesn’t matter if it’s clean or dirty. 

Lice can live up to 24 hours underwater. 

Using petroleum jelly may smother lice, but it will take forever to remove from the hair. Every year many parents desperately seek out how to remove Vaseline from their child’s hair. 

Head lice do not carry disease, only itching and rashes.

Mummified remains of ancient Egyptians have even shown infestations of head lice. 

It takes your immune system 4-6 weeks to develop a sensitivity to louse saliva. 

A female can lay 6-10 nits a day.

Lindane, prescription lice medication, is a dangerous, prescription-only lice treatment. This drug has a checkered past. 18 years ago consumer advocates petitioned the FDA to have it removed from the market. It is linked to reports of seizures and even death from improper use. Consumer Reports suggests throwing away a prescription for Lindane. “Besides” they say “it is not as good at killing lice as the over-the-counter products”.

Hope these lil guys are gone for good!

Wishing you a Happy and bug free Tuesday!

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