My Top Ten Fun Places To Go! #toptentues

My Top 10 fun places to go!

1. Disney world
The reason I like Disney world is because it has a lot of fun rides and it’s good for kids. My favorite ride there is the tea cup ride, it’s a lot of fun. I also got to go swimming with alligators and they weren’t even all caged. It was next to Disney, there is a lake and you see alligators on the side and sometimes in the water. I remember hearing the back of the alligators scrape the bottom of the boat. 

2. Sea world
I like sea world cause it’s for everyone not just for one age group, it’s also not just fun it’s educational. I like it so much because you can see all the animals and feed them and watch them do tricks. My dream is to ride the dolphins. 

3. Fun town splash town u.s.a
Fun town splash town is a lot of fun for everyone and it’s great for families to go and have a good time. My opinion is that splash town is way better than fun town.   

4. Happy wheels
Happy wheels is and always will be my favorite place in the world because I love to skate. My grandpa used to work there a long time ago when he used to skate. Last time I went there was a guy that was really good. I like it better when there are not a lot of people because then I’m not that nervous.

5. Jokers
Jokers is so much fun because there is a big blow up slide. it’s big and fun and awesome. I also really like bowling and cake. And Birthday parties are a lot of fun!

6. Carnivals
I love to go to carnivals with my best friend. Her dad takes us to carnivals sometimes and I love to play all the games. My favorite game is the dance dance revolution.

A picture I took of a bloodworm, ew!

7. The beach

The beach is a relaxing place to walk or swim but what I like to do is take my camera and find crabs and fish and take pictures off them and I like to go with my aunts dog Jake he loves it there.

8. Chucky cheese
Chucky cheese is fun for younger kids. I used to go there all the time, but now that I’m older, I like jokers better.

9. Movies
I like to go to the movies. I like to go with friends and family. My favorite time was when I went to see eclipse. I love Twilight! I’m team Jacob! 🙂

A picture I took at camp

10. Camping

I go to camp up Maine and it is so much fun. You get to meet lots of new people and make new friends. I also love to go camping with family. I think it’s nice to get away from all the civilization and enjoy nature.

Thanks for reading my Top Ten, have a great day!

This post was written by my niece, Kaitlyn.

{All photos not stated are from Google Images}

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