Top Ten Things I’ve Never Done But Might Like To

I’m sure everyone has things that they’ve always wanted to do. I’ll probably never travel overseas, probably because I don’t do ocean with no land in sight. But I’ve got a few things that I would love to do. Introducing the

Top Ten Things I’ve Never Done But Might Like To

Go To DisneyWorld

I’ve never wanted to go so bad but I keep coming across different mom blogs talking about how much of an experience it is and how much fun they have, I would love to check it out!

Visit the West Coast

The sunrises are so beautiful here on the East coast, I would love to take pictures of the sunsets on the West Coast, and perhaps check out the san diego zoo and other places. 


Never been, would love to try. I’ve had the plastic blow up ones, but on a windy day, you end up going around in circles.

Research & Drive
I live in New England. When I was driving through North Berwick the other day, my hunni pointed out a factory building that was used in Jamunji. That is really fascinating to me. From what I understand, there are many movies that are filmed in New England (next Top Ten maybe? hehe) and I would like to visit them and take pictures! 

Jeep Wrangler

My car of choice. I’ve never owned one but I’ve rode in one with no doors. I remember it being so much fun. If I had one with no doors, maybe my floors would stay cleaner? 

Teacup Yorkie

My dream dog. I would love to own one because I think they are just adorable. I’m not really much for small dogs, but these dogs have little teddy bear faces that i think is just adorable. 

Host A Giveaway using Rafflecopter
I especially love entering in contests using rafflecopter because it’s easy and fun, and doesn’t feel like a chore. I want my readers to be able to check it out too, but I can’t join without an invite. Anyone care to invite me?

Go to a sushi bar

I’ve always wanted to try sushi, but I want a friend to go with me to tell me what I’m eating, and to answer any questions I might have, and to help me remember what I like so I can try it again!

Take pictures underwater

I need to look into what I need to get to be able to do this. I think being able to take pictures underwater would open up a world of possibilities.  

I’m still thinking about the 10th one! lol

What have you been wanting to do?

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