What Not To Say, Book Review and Signed Giveaway

Communicating with young children can be difficult. Sometimes they do or say things that cause us to react and use words that just don’t work.

It’s also common for parents to repeat the same phrases that were told to them when they were a child, but children can be so literal, that they might percieve the sentence differently, or worse, negatively, leading them to believe you don’t care.

Sarah MacLaughlin’s What Not to Say is a wonderful book about communicating respectfully with children aged 1 – 6. The book focuses on 66 of the most common expressions that most people use when interacting with young children and explains why these expressions don’t work. She then gives us ways of communicating our thoughts and reactions to the child in ways that are more positive and sensitive to the child.

The book is written in a witty and humorous style and gives plenty of real life examples to help us learn how to communicate more effectively with our children. Some of the topics covered are: using labels, nicknames, threats, or bribes; how body language alters the meaning of the words we speak; and learning to be clear in what we want to communicate to the child.

Sarah MacLaughlin is extremely well qualified to have written this book. She has worked with children and families for over twenty years and has a background in early childhood education. She is a licensed social worker at Youth Alternatives Ingraham in South Portland, Maine, and works as a foster family coordinator, parenting coach, family educator, and group facilitator. Her writing style is easy to read and understand, humorous, and delivered in a very non-judgmental way. This book is a terrific resource of information for parents, care-givers, and teachers.

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What Not To Say is a great book about communicating better with young children.

I’m excited to announce that one lucky KreativeKaring reader can win a signed copy of What Not to Say, here is how to enter… 

The winner is..

Congratulations!! Roseanne!
I’m sending you an email now 🙂

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