How To Tell If It’s A Scam

I was so excited the other day when I checked my email and saw one with the subject named PR Advertising. Inside it expressed their like for my website and that they were looking to advertise with websites like mine and that it could create a monthly income for me. Now because I’ve never had an offer like this, I was really excited and eagerly sent them an email back asking for more information. The next day I got three more emails from them, and inside all three of them was the same exact thing they said to me in email one. Unfortunately, this sounds like a scam, I thought to myself, and trashed the emails. When I told a couple of my friends, they mentioned that they’ve been getting scam emails a lot lately, which gave me a really good idea for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday. 


You’re Sent Multiples of The Same Email
If you’ve got three of the same emails saying you’ve won, or asking you for information, be aware that this is probably a scam. 
Asking You to Forward The Emails
I’ve gotten an email saying that I’ll get paid for forwarding the email to my contacts. You probably won’t get rewarded for forwarding your friends this particular email. The attached file is probably a virus.
Winning Something You Never Signed Up For
You can’t win money or prizes for something you never signed up for. So watch out for the lottery scams, and keep track of what you enter in. 


You Need to Provide Personal Information to Enter
I’ve heard that there are blog contests out there requiring personal information as entries. The more information you give them the more of a chance you have to win the prize. Don’t fall for that! You should never have to give out your personal information to win anything. If you have a bad feeling, go with your gut. 
You Need to Enter Personal Information to Provide Proof of Identity
Again, you should never have to give out your personal information to prove who you are. I was asked to scan my ID one time to prove who I was, in order to win something I had entered, so I checked the terms of service, reviewed their site by using google, and scanned my ID, blocking out everything by my picture & name.
If You Need to Send a Transfer Fee
There are even emails out there saying that you’ve inherited a large sum of money, but you need to pay the transfer fee. This is a scam in one form or another! 


Cash This Check And Send Some Back
Scam! They want you to cash a check that’s either fake or will bounce while they take off with money you’ve western union-ed to them. 
The Returning Email is a Free Account
If you get an email offering  you a reward, money, or asking for personal information, check the email address of the sender. If they are using a free email account, such as Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Live, then it’s a scam. These people might also claim they are from a legit business, but they would be using a company email address if they were.
You’re Referred to an Unsecured Site
If any of these emails sends you to an unsecured site, it probably contains spyware and is a scam. A good way to tell whether you are on a secure site or not is by looking at your address bar. If the http: has a red slash through it, you’re on an unsecured website and should probably exit to protect your computer. 

Bad Punctuation
If you get an email that has frequent misspelled words and bad grammar (and it’s not from someone you know), it’s probably not an opportunity to make money. 


Name Gets Bad Reviews
If you google the company or personal name, and you get a bunch of websites claiming they’ve been scammed, then it’s probably a scam! 

Oh, was that 11? Oh well, the bottom line is, people go through more effort to scam others than it takes to find a job. People make fake websites, email addresses, phone numbers, and will do anything they can to steal our earnings. Protect yourself and go with your gut, (and that old quote) If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Be safe!
Have any tips to add?
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I would never make a blog post on KreativeKaring stating the something is free if I haven’t signed up for it myself. -ICStarzz

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