Happy Birthday!!

My niece turns 13 today. It almost doesn’t sound real putting it into words. She is growing up so quickly. I usually enjoy spending a few weeks in the summer with her. We go frog catching, make up dances, swimming, and other fun stuff. It’s definitely been quiet and boring here since she went back home.  
I’ve been teaching her a little about blogging and writing, when I see her. She’s written a couple things here labeled under Kaitlyn’s Korner (check it out!), and she’s started writing frequently in a notebook. I think it would be cool if she was interested enough to want to start her own blog someday.
We took a few photos at a nearby playground to get some nice portrait shots.
13. still can’t believe it. 
Caitlyn, you’re caring, kind, giving, loving, and true. The teen years can be pretty tough, but you’re strong and I know you’ll go through any obstacle head on. So many people love you and are so proud of you and the smart young lady you are becoming! I hope you have a great day! Happy Birthday, I love you!
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