Top Ten Things On My Mind

It’s been a crazy week running around, wrapping things up before the end of summer. As much as I can’t believe it’s almost September, I’m more than ready to go back to work, and start getting up at the crack of dawn again. 

We’ve been moving things around in the house this weekend to make room for my new sectional couch. Which is huge, it fills up half of the living room, but I love it. 


Since I’ve gotten into Rafflecopter, I’m thankful to be able to host a couple giveaways. One is done, and the other has a couple days left. Check it out!


Have you heard of 1Sale!Day? Their customer service is slow, and they aren’t great at getting things  out on time, but I’ve gotten free things off their website. Like a breast cancer awareness pin, a set of earbuds/headphones, $1 for HDMI cables. I’m still waiting on my free IPhone Charger though. 


My best friend’s birthday is this Thursday, so I’m taking her out for the day Friday, after I get out of work. I have a few ideas on what we can do, but I know lack of money will affect us.

I’m trying to learn how to build a webpage so I don’t have to use Blogger anymore. I want more control with what my blog can do. 


I finally got into Google+. It’s pretty cool. Am looking for more people to add to my blogging circle, want to join, add me to a circle? Haven’t been invited yet? Send me an email or leave me a comment with your email addy and I’ll invite you.

My dog Jake has been having some itchy skin lately, like really bad, so I’ve switched his diet off of dry food and now give him a balance of ground beef, brown rice, & veggies. He seems to really like it.


OMG POP! I’ve been addicted to this website lately. It has one game I love to play called Hit Machine, it’s kind of like DDR, except on keyboard and I love the songs. I often have the songs stuck in my head.

You should go check it out, you can make an account for free, and if I can get a few more people to join and reach lvl 10, I get rewarded! Don’t worry, if you aren’t into the music game, there are many others!

I made a 2nd facebook page. I needed to be able to put my pictures up for free and Flickr and Photobucket limit me. I really can’t afford any extra bills right now, I know that $25 a year is a small amount, but seriously, it would break me right now. So free it is. Check out my photography facebook page.

I appreciate you stopping by!

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