Ways To Help Children During Disasters

If your kids have been listening to the television, radio or you talk about the news today, then they might be a little nervous or scared. The could get nightmares, have trouble sleeping, or act out.

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When a child comes to you with questions, ask them what they know and then fill in the blanks. It’s important not to give them too much information in case they aren’t ready. Too much information may make them act out worse. 

The news and TV can be scary, causing nightmares, so parents should monitor children’s TV from 8yrs and under. (use your best judgement on the age)

Children often react how you feel, so remember to stay calm. Know your child might be stressed from seeing or hearing footage about the disaster, so remember to be patient. 

A comfort item might be helpful like a stuffed animal, or baby blanket. 

For more tips visit 

Top Ten Ways to Help Children Deal with Disasters

Can you think of any ways to help a child cope?

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