A Walk In The Woods

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the last few days of “summer vacation”. My hunni always finds neat things in the woods to show me. That’s why I always have my camera. The other day, we went scouting in the woods. He’s really excited to start using his bow & arrow. 

Top Ten things I saw In the Woods 

(with 11 pictures) lol

The yellow mushroom
I definitely saw a lot of mushrooms. But they were all different looking, and I thought that was cool.

The spongy looking mushroom

This dragonfly caught a bug right in front of us and landed on  my hunni’s shirt to eat. 

Still see the dragonfly?

My favorite mushroom!
This was right in the middle of the walkway struggling to push through.  Breaking through the mold!

We started removing an old fence in the yard and discovered a good size wasp nest. RUN!

Flap jack mushroom

All in a row

A perfect pair

Always curious to see what Daddy’s doing!

Thanks for stoppin by! 

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