What Happened To Promoting Inner Beauty? (10Yr Old Wants Plastic Surgery)

Did anyone watch Dr. Phil the other day? I don’t watch it everyday because my hunni can’t stand him, but when I saw a commercial about a 10year old wanting to get plastic surgery I decided to take a break from thecomputer and go in the other room to watch it. If I were at my computer whilewatching it, my fingers would have written a book.  I was appalled. 

A ten year old girl wanted plastic surgery to look more likeMiley Cyrus. I also want to point out that the picture they kept putting up ofMiley was of her well into her teen’s. How can you compare a teenage body to aten year old’s? Might I also add that a 10 year old’s body hasn’t even finishedgrowing, much less a teen’s? 
I also noticed that every time Dr. Phil asked the little girl a question, she wouldtrail off and her mom would step in to answer. Her mom explained that if 3girls go into an interview, one gorgeous, one pretty, and one ugly, thegorgeous girl will always get hired and, since she wanted to supply herdaughter with everything she needed to succeed in life, she didn’t see aproblem with her daughter’s requests for freckle removal, botox, or plasticsurgery.

I kind of understand where she’s coming from. I don’t wantto say that “pretty people” get treated different and seem to succeed more, but it almost seems that way becauseof child beauty pageants, models, TV shows etc. And that’s notright. And it’s certainly not ok for parents to support that and teach their childrenthat looks will get them ahead in life. Children take things so literally. 
When my niece was around 11, I sat her down and had a talk with her about whatshe eats, and how unhealthy it is to be eating 2 of everything. I told her foodis good in moderation. “We have to be careful what we eat or we can get fat”. Afew days later, when I asked her to write in her daily sketchbook, 3 things shelikes about herself and 3 things she wants to change, one thing she said wasthat she wished she wasn’t fat. I immediately felt guilty. I never said she wasfat, and although I approached the situation with caution, she stillmisunderstood me and took what I’d said literally. 
 With advertisements, media, and people making it seem like popularity and beingbeautiful is the most important thing, parents should be promoting the innerbeauty. What happened to “everyone is beautiful just the way god made them”?This is what we should be teaching children instead of trying to rush them intogrowing up and throwing them at the cosmetic tables. This is a good example tohelp parents realize that children really do look up to them for guidance andto help them avoid getting caught up in the hype of media and appearances thatthey are barraged with every day. 

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A prime example of this is Lil Lohan’s new appearance. Idon’t know about you, but I thought she was pretty BEFORE the surgery.
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What do you think about children having plastic surgery orbotox to improve their appearance? What do you think are some ways that we canhelp our children to learn to love themselves as they are? 


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