On A Journey

I’m on a journey to finding my zen,
here’s what I’ve been  up to, in a top ten!
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I’ve been trying to motivate more. I started following a new set of goals last week and  have been doing my best to follow them by telling others and writing about it
I’ve started dieting. I want to be healthier. So I joined Spark People, a weight loss community and I have been learning more about calories and serving sizes, and also writing about it. I’m tracking what I eat and how often I exercise. 
“Happiness lies, first of all, in health.”
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Naturally dieting and exercise goes hand in hand, but I’ve also started Yoga at home. I downloaded a ‘coach’ on my Ipad and I can watch her while she talks me through each pose!
A tiny secret… I am so out of shape and have no upper body strength so for the first few days I could only do 5 minutes, but now I can barely make it up to 20! lol
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I’ve started before care again, yay! But that also means I’m up and out the door before the sun comes up. 
With me starting before care, I’m able to start catching up on my bills.
Secret… I’ve started running a lil lot behind! >.>
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I’m still taking pictures and working on getting better. I was standing in water to take this picture, and I think it turned out great! I’ve also added a new page talking a little more about the equipment I use. I hope to have a page up with pricing so I can advertise to take pictures around where I live.
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I’ve been trying to help my dog with his skin issues. He’s got hot spots and is scratching a lot. I had to put a cone on just so his hair would start to grow back. I think it was from the frontline I put on a few days ago, so we’re waiting to see. Poor lil guy.
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I’m still volunteering at the nursing home for a couple hours every week. I go in, fill out, and file the paperwork so the other workers have more time assisting the elderly. In a couple months, I will have been there a year. I also volunteer at the local thrift store every week and love how they care about helping people.
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Here in Maine, it’s starting to get colder at night and hot during the day. I really should  get into the habit of watching the weather sometimes because it feels like I’m changing like 5 times a day. Cold, Hot, Cold, Hot. 
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I’m praying for a friend of mine and her family. Her mom is really sick ( last stages of COPD, lupus, & double pneumonia) and has been put on hospice. My friend and her young daughter are really going through a rough time right now. I can’t begin to imagine the stress they are dealing with.
So it’s been a busy time lately, and I’m sure you’ll agree
Thank you for reading my Top Ten with me!
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