Get A Free 16×20 Poster from Walmart!

I am so excited to share that I just got back from picking up two free 16×20 posters from walmart for $.75 each!
(and saved $12.86!)
Want to know how you can too?

I had a friend help with this, seeing how it’s one coupon per person, and she was nice enough to take the dreaded trip to Wally World with me to use hers! lol

I believe you need to pay tax, but that’s only $.75, which is totally worth it because these posters usually cost around $13.00.

To get your ‘close to free’ 16×20 poster, sign into and customize your poster. It can be a regular poster or a collage. When your ready to order, choose 1 hour photo, and then in store pick up, to skip shipping fees. Then print out the coupon below and present it at the register during pick up!

Print this coupon

My total at Walmart came to $42.93 and I payed $7.92.

Some of the other things I found:
3, $1 off toothpaste coupons that said nothing about trial sizes, so they were free.
2, $1 off coupons for lemonade that said nothing about trial size, so they were $.50.
2, $1 off coupons for orange juice that said nothing about trail size, so they were $.50.
1, $1 off coupon for mouthwash, again the trail size made it free. 
and a few more this and that items.

I usually keep an eye out for $1.00 things that say nothing about trial sizes!

Also, I printed off 2, $4 off coupons for a sorry game, and I found 2 small sorry card games for $5.24, which brought them down to $1.24 each!
(Perfect for stocking stuffers!)

Hope this helps!

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