An update

I know I haven’t been posting here often, there has been a lot going on. I’m hoping to hear back from a job offer soon, and I’ve started trying to learn how to build a website so I can get my photography pictures all organized. One of my goals is to jump on Facebook to my local friends and offer photography deals last minute, certain days, when it’s nice out, so I want to be able to send them to my site for more information and prices. It’s a slow process because I know absolutely nothing about building websites and FrontPage can be confusing at times. It’s going to take a little longer than most people, because it’s not being done for me, I am taking this slow, painful, process myself. That just means if and when I can do this, I will feel so proud when it’s done! So I’ll be around, but I have to juggle my priorities a little better than what I have been. 

Below is a before and after I’ve done recently. I made her clothes more pink and brightened up the photo, along with a couple other things. you like?

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