I’m back! {Top Ten}

It’s been kind of hectic for me lately. I feel like there is so much on my plate, that I’m too overwhelmed to do anything. It’s been so hard trying to keep my head above water, but I know I need to stay positive and looking ahead. 
I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to adapt to the small changes I’m making, to better myself and my living situation, and even though plans are always subject to change, #10 Hunni and I have been talking about what steps we need to be taking to get some land to build on. It sounds like a lot of work and preparation, but I have to stay focused on the goal and what lies down the road. I know that when I get to where I want to be, these sacrifices I am making will seem so small, even though it doesn’t seem like it right now.
#9 I’ve also been focused on finding more work, which I’m excited to say that I start my new job today! I’m an activities assistant in a nearby nursing home that I’ve been volunteering at for about a year now. I was hoping to continue to do a majority of the paperwork, but a more hands on job is ok for now, too.

#8 In addition to that, I got my hands on a copy of FrontPage (the one my dad wanted me to get so he can help me) and have been trying to teach myself how to build a webpage for my photography. It’s extremely hard for me so far, but I can’t give up. #7 Whenever I get too overwhelmed, I start editing more photos that I’ve set aside because editing is fun for me. 

#6 I never have “extra” money. What exactly is “extra” money anyways? Every time I even get close to having everything paid up and ahead, something else happens that keeps our expenses the same, (or puts us in worse debt). I remember being so stressed out around Christmas last year and wasting money on meaningless things just trying not to show up places empty handed, that I decided on my New Year’s Resolution right then. I would not be waiting until the last minute ever again. So I’ve got a tote with some things I’ve gotten at great deals the past couple months online.
For example, I convinced my friend to let me use her coupon for the free 16×20 poster from Walmart that expires 10/31 so I got two free posters, which means two people crossed off my list! 

#5 Not only am I working on Christmas gifts, I’m working on getting a list prepared so I know how many people to send Christmas cards out to. It’s been three or four years in a row now that my Hunni, Jake, and I get pictures done to send in our cards, not only because we have a lot of family that we don’t see often, I just feel cards like that are more personable.

#4 I like to bake and give out treats also for Christmas, but I have to be thinking about how many and what I’m making because baking items add up quickly, so if I don’t want our household to starve in December, I’ll start getting some bakery items now.

#3 I was just given a bag full of shoe boxes and am excited to continue my new tradition to donate to Operation Christmas Child. If I can start preparing for it now, I wonder how many boxes I can fill?

#2 I haven’t been doing much with my blog because I’ve been so overwhelmed with everything else, but if I don’t want to lose readers, I really need to work harder at balancing everything out evenly. 

#1 I am constantly trying to better myself and believe that this one should always be on my to do list. Working on my flaws and working at finding ways to care and help others. 

I really do want to thank all of my readers for sticking with me and visiting my blog! So I would like to offer something special as a thank you!
 I’m going to pick one lucky person who comments on my Wordless Wednesday post for a free photo editing on a couple of their photos!

Find out more here.

So there you have it, I’m back! Hopefully I can find a happy medium with everything. What have ya’ll been up to?  


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