My Email has been Hacked: What To Do

A few weeks ago, my yahoo account got hacked and I haven’t been able to get into my email account using my computer since then. I’ve emailed yahoo about it but have heard nothing. Since my IPAD is still connected with my email, I can still check it, but people are still getting virus emails from this account, so now when I check my emails, I’ve started unsubscribing from websites and subscribing to the ones I still read using my other email account.

If someone has managed to hack your email account, and like me, you can’t reset your password, there’s a good chance that this person is trying to see if you have any other accounts your password works with.
This is why it’s important to keep your passwords different. For example, if people have my yahoo password, I might want to make sure my Paypal and bank accounts have a different passwords.

There are a few common mistakes people often make that makes them easy targets for hackers. Checking your email on a public computer and forgetting to log out is a big one. Not having a strong enough password, and/or using the same password for multiple accounts. Also, your computer could have spyware on it as well.

When trying to regain control of your account, each website has their own version of jumping through hoops to prove your identity.

  • If you have been hacked, you might want to let the people in your online address book know not to open any emails from you, and that they should delete the emails ASAP.
  • Make 2 new email accounts. One for personal, and the other for entering contests and registering for sites. Someone said it best when they said “it was good to have an email account for both worlds.”
  • Make sure your new passwords have a nice mix of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.
  • If you make it back into your hacked email account, make sure you check the account settings. Some hackers make it so that they are notified of any changes, that way, they can simply go change them back.
  • Once you’ve changed the settings, and made a new password, add your secondary account as your alternative email. That way, if you ever have any problems getting into your account, your password will be sent to the other email address. 
  • It’s not recommended to use public computers at all when checking email. You never know if there is accidentally malware on it, or  if someone intentionally put spyware on there. 
  • Last thing I can think of, is change your password regularly.

    I have a notebook of my email addresses and passwords, because, yes, it does get confusing, and it can feel like a hassle, but it’s even more of a hassle when you get locked out of your accounts and your friends are at risk because your email keeps sending them spyware emails.

    I’ve emailed yahoo about this and have heard nothing so far. 

With the economy, scammers are working extra hard to steal your information, it’s our job to protect ourselves and stay one more step ahead of them! 

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